Whether you want help with acute or long-standing health issues, or whether you simply want to improve your vitality and performance, we are here to help you.

People come to our facility for reasons like relief from chronic and acute pain, to improve physical vitality and well-being or recovery of aliveness in our bodies and in our lives.

In our facility we offer 4 certified therapists attending on 3 massage beds and one hydro-massage bed.



Nuestra tienda localizada en centro de Nicoya se dedica a venta y reparación de audio y video electrónicos, computadoras portátiles o de mesa, celulares, instrumentos musicales, video juegos  y mucho mas, pero también repuestos y accesorios de todas marcas.


Nuestra tienda esta operando por varios años brindando a nuestro clientes un servicio rápido y profesional. Si busca un dispositivo electrónico o necesita reparar el suyo no dude de visitarnos, con gusto lo atenderemos para satisfacer sus necesidades.


9:30 AM - 5 PM



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Jul 23 2015


9:30 AM - 1 PM




For Pleasure

Relaxing Massage


Facial Massage


Couples Massage

$ 50

$ 50

from $ 30

$ 60

$ 120

Special Atencion


Sports Therapy

Acupressure (2 hours)

$ 60

$ 40

$ 130


Healthy eating and physical activity, possibly combined with a good massage, are essential to maintain or regain the mental well-being. The massage, not only helps to clear the stress, but it is especially a great and effective tool, able to bring well-being and health: it allows the body to regenerate itself, it improves vitality and mood, it reduces pain and increases energy levels.


  • IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD. The massage can be a wonderful experience for deep relaxation.
  • IT RELIEVES PAIN. In case of back pain, migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, sore muscles or aching. The massage done periodically, dissolves all this stress and unnecessary tension.
  • IT REDUCES STRESS. Are you full of responsibility or work? Do you feel overwhelmed, unable to react? The massage provides deep relaxation, reducing muscle tension and lowering blood pressure. The massage revitalizes the mind by increasing the clarity and alertness. It can give new energy to everybody.
  • IT CONTRASTS PROCESSING IN AGEING. Strengthens the immune system and helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness of operation. It also improves tissue elasticity and joint flexibility, improves blood circulation and lymphatic circulation and promotes healthy skin and vital.
  • IT CALMS THE MIND. The massage increases self-esteem, improves mood, reduces depression, anxiety and insomnia.
  • IT EXPEDITES RECOVERY. Having a compressed nerve in the neck, shoulder, arms or any other part of the body is painful and can interfere with normal daily activities. In all these cases, the massage accelerates healing.
  • IT INCREASES FLEXIBILITY 'AND MOBILITY'. It's good for all those people who want to feel physically fit. It's useful for any athletes, but it is also great for those who are not and just feel to rebalance the body, relieve muscle tension and find relief from muscle and joint pain.It improves motor skills and helps maintain the correct posture of the skeletal system.
  • IT HELPS TO ELIMINATE TOXINS. Massage helps to eliminate toxins, to drain and reshape your body. It also improves the health of cells and skin.
  • IT HELPS TO KEEP A GOOD SKIN TONE. The massage contributes positively to good tissue oxygenation and improves health and skin tone.

Tel (506) - 8658 2164

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