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Three winters ago, during one of the several rainy days in Rome, Italy, stuck in the morning traffic on my way to work, I got sick. Sick of being stressed out, sick of being depressed, sick of living a life that wasn't mine anymore. Sick of being...sick. I had enough of that non sense and couldn't take it anymore. I needed a change. 

Drove back home the same day and said to my wife: "I need a vacation. Let's go to Costa Rica for Easter". That was March 2013.

We ended up in Playa Samara...and it was a rockin and rollin since the day we got here! I fell in love with the village first and this shop and the local way of living. 


Long story short..... I bought this wonderful surf shop and 7 months later I moved here with my all family: my wife, my boys of 14 and 10, and my 3 dogs that are getting used to the climate and love our walks to the beach!!!

We did it. We changed our lives for good. Now, I wake up smiling to the new day. I'm not sick anymore going to work...I ride my bicycle to work in shorts and flip flop and all the people I meet on my 5 min ride always cheer me with a smile : )


Mondays are not a nightmare anymore! lol  

So c'mon over and have a chat over a good Italian espresso or a yummy ice cream spaghetti while you are looking for your new surf board!!!!

In our shop you can find anything you need for your surfing trip - accessories, surfboards, sunglasses, clothing, and if you are a beginner, don’t worry! We will get you the best board that will fit you perfectly.   After shopping you can sit down and enjoy cup of cappuccino, smoothies or natural drink that offers our coffee shop on site.


We will be waiting for y'all and welcoming you with a big smile and a CIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)